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No saving me

I carve into my heart the sins

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  • moonagedevilment

21. pisces. queer. aspiring writer and photographer. sometimes mistaken to be an intimidating person, but far from it. forgiving and loyal. always there for those who can return the favor. a little ocd to certain things. a different view on the world. the true definition of a dreamer.

obsession with 清春. resourceful with anything regarding him, so please check tags and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. don’t be intimidated because I am far from being that. just a goofball underneath it all, who most of all enjoys life.

My best friend, who knows how to cheer me up. My bodyguard, my yang, and my other half. Platonic love and always mistaken for lovers, but far from it. Just one soul sharing two bodies. The true definition of friendship.

The old street stretches onward,windshield wipers letting the rain escape. why, I wonder, do the shadows cling to your profile that’s so familiar?
the past cannot be so tragically snatched away,
it’s just the same as remembering tomorrow.
~ 枸橘, 清春